Top 10 Perfumes for Men

By | February 27, 2017

Perfume is a symbol of elegance, style, sophistication and sensuality. Wearing a great perfume will make you more confident and sexually attractive. Here is a list of top 10 perfumes for men which women love most according to a research of 1300 female participants. Pleas feel free to share your ideas on these perfumes.

1. Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier


This great fragrance is made of lavender, mint, cinnamon, orange blossom, vanilla and Tonka beans. If you are looking for a soft and sensual fragrance for men, try Le Male of Jean Paul Gaultier. Women under 35 are crazy about it.

Blue for Men 4.2 Oz Eau Di Toilette Mens Perfume Impression of Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier

2. Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior


Eau Sauvage is made from citrus lemon, petitgrain, supplemented by iris flower, jasmine, and ends with the oak moss, vetiver and musk. It is a favorite perfume for women over 40 years old.

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3. Habit Rouge by Guerlain


The sensuality of this fragrance is expressed through notes of cinnamon, patchouli, vanilla, leather and amber. Freshness is provided by tangerine, lemon and bergamot. Women under 35 love the smell of this fragrance.

4. Fahrenheit by Christian Dior


Made of violet and jasmine, supplemented by patchouli, vetiver and leather. Research shows women of all age like this perfume.

5. Allure For Men by Chanel


This fragrance is composed of four scents, the freshness of tangerine, the tonic effect of pepper, the strength of Atlas cedar and the sensuality of Tonka beans and vanilla. Women under 25 years old love it while older women don’t.

6. Boss by Hugo Boss


Looking for sensuality and the flavor of love? Boss may be a great choice for you. This fresh and fruity is loved by women of all age.

7. Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani


A classic and fashionable fragrance of stunning mix: floral, woody and spicy all at once. Young women from 25 to 35 love it most.

8. Azzaro Chrome for Men


A fresh, woody, musky which will make you feel like a natural person. Azzaro is a favorite perfume for young women.

9. L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent


Composed of sandalwood, vetiver, violet, and basil flowers, smells woody and floral. L’Homme is loved by younger women.

10. Cool Water by Davidoff


Deriving energy from the ocean, Cool Water is best known for its unique blend of intense freshness, virility and sensuality.

Davidoff Cool Water Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

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