List of Japanese Car Brands

From a humble beginning, Japan has been growing to be the biggest car manufacturing country in the world. Japanese cars are often credited with superior dependability, efficiency and advanced technology. Here is a major Japanese car brands list with brief introductions and their websites links. You may kindly share your ideas or reviews to these Japanese car brands… Read More »

Top 10 Japanese Cosmetic Brands

Japanese cosmetics are very popular among asian countries and many of the Japanese cosmetic companies are expanding their business to the US and Europe. Here is a collection of top 10 Japanese cosmetic brands ranked by popularity and sales volume. It would be great if you share your ideas on Japanese cosmetics in the comment area. 1. Shiseido… Read More »

Top 10 Italian Clothing Brands

Italy is best known for the race car Ferrari and the luxury fashion industry. Here is a collection of top 10 Italian fashion clothing brands with short introductions. Please add your comments if you have some idea or review on these brands. 1. Giorgio Amarni Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion house that designs, manufactures, distributes, and retails… Read More »

25 Most Popular Korean Fashion Clothing Shopping Sites

Here is a list of 25 top Korean fashion clothing shopping sites, all of which are in Korean language except Cherrykoko. If you are looking for Korean shopping stores in English language, please read Korean clothing online shopping stores which offer English version website and worldwide shipping. If you truly like the clothes on these websites, consider to… Read More »

Korean Clothing Online Shopping Stores

South Korean fashion clothes are very popular among asian countries. Many girls in Europe and US are also seeking to buy Korean fashion clothing from online stores. The bad news is that most Korean online clothes stores do not ship worldwide and there are few Korea-based online clothes shops in English language where you can buy authentic Korean… Read More »

Top 10 Korean Cosmetic Brands

Korean cosmetic products have well established reputation not only in South Korea, they are also very popular in China, Southeast Asia and other Asian coutries. Here is top ten Korean cosmetic brands ranked by popularity. You are welcome to share your ideas or reviews on these brands. 1. Charmzone Charmzone is the first Korean cosmetic brand introduced into… Read More »

Top 10 French Perfume Brands

France is best known for its for its fashion and beauty industry. French perfumes are also very popular all over the world. Here is a collection of top 10 French fragrance brands ranked by reputation and popularity. Please share your favorite French fragrance with us. 1. Chanel Chanel S.A., commonly known as “Chanel”, is a Parisian fashion house… Read More »

Top 15 Japanese Fashion Magazines

Japan is well known not only for its auto and animation industry but for fashion magazines. This country leads the fashion trends in Asia, like France in the western world. I collected top 15 most popular Japanese fashion magazines with my not-all-forgotten Japanese language. The official website links are added at the end of the short introductions for… Read More »

Top 10 France Online Shopping Sites

Here is a list of top 10 France online shopping sites. Hope it will offer you more choices if you decide to shop some products online from France. 1. Largest French online shopping site. Buy and sell your clothes, phones, jewelry, books, games, collectibles, DVDs,phones, or your car, auction, fixed price or freely classifieds! 2.… Read More »

Top 10 China Online Shopping Sites

Online shopping is growing fast in China, more and more people enjoys the low price and fast delivery offered by the shopping sites. Here is a list of top 10 China shopping sites based on popularity. Take a look to get a overall image of China online shopping business. 1. Taobao No. 1 China online shopping site which… Read More »