25 Most Popular Korean Fashion Clothing Shopping Sites

By | November 23, 2020

Here is a list of 25 top Korean fashion clothing shopping sites, all of which are in Korean language except Cherrykoko. If you are looking for Korean shopping stores in English language, please read Korean clothing online shopping stores which offer English version website and worldwide shipping.

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1. Gumzzi

Korean and Japan Sexy Ladies Fashion

Website: http://www.gumzzi.co.kr/

2. A-rishop

Fashion Wear for Girls

3. Cherrykoko

Sweetie Cutie

Website: http://www.cherrykoko.com/

4. Fashion Jockey

Fashion & Trendy Clothing

5. Foxroom

School Girls Fashion

Website: http://www.foxroom.co.kr/

6. FunFunGirl


Website: http://www.funfungirl.biz/

7. Cherry Spoon

Ladies Cutie Fashion

Website: http://www.cherry-spoon.com/

8. Kugigirl

Stylish Ladies Casual

Website: http://www.kugigirl.co.kr

9. Kurum

Trendy OL Styles

10. MiMi DiDi

Secret to be Lovely

Website: http://www.mimididi.co.kr/

11. CocoMarine

Swimsuit Fashion and More

Website: http://www.cocomarine.co.kr/

12. Naning9

Ladies Street Fashion

Website: http://www.naning9.com

13. Happyromi

Simple Basic Modern

Website: http://www.happyromi.com

14. Pink Martini

Young Ladies Fashion

15. Pinkygirl

Japanese Style Ladies

Website: http://www.pinkygirl.co.kr/

16. Sibuya

Japanese Trendy Styles

Website: http://www.sibuya.co.kr/

17. Wingsmall

Ladies Cool Fashion

Website: http://www.wingsmall.co.kr/

18. Hot Pinky

Fresh Wear Brand

Website: http://www.hotpinky.co.kr

19. Mangostar

Ladies Casual Wear

20. Mersh

OL Fashion

Website: http://www.mersh.co.kr/

21. niBBuns

Hollywood Street Fashion

Website: http://www.nibbuns.co.kr/

22. OJ Luxury

Korea Brand Name Fashion

Website: http://www.ojluxury.com/

23. QNG

Hottest Young Beauty

Website: http://www.qng.co.kr/

24. Shez

Hi-Class Ladies Fashion

Website: http://www.shezgood.com/

25. Sultang

Ladies Casual Styles

Website: http://www.sultang.co.kr/

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