Top 10 Korean Cosmetic Brands

By | February 27, 2017

Korean cosmetic products have well established reputation not only in South Korea, they are also very popular in China, Southeast Asia and other Asian coutries. Here is top ten Korean cosmetic brands ranked by popularity. You are welcome to share your ideas or reviews on these brands.

1. Charmzone

Charmzone is the first Korean cosmetic brand introduced into Japan, which has very strict requirements on the products quality. Charmzone claims to value quality more than sales volume. In Korea, this brand is praised as the best korean makeup for women. It has launched the English website due to its ambition and internationalism corporate value.

2. VOV

VOV has been recognized as one of the top 3 Korean cosmetic brands which focuses on the color makeup. VOV is well know for its high quality and mildness.


A very popular Korean cosmetic brand owned by AmorePacific Corp. LANEIGE is reported to take the largest market share in Korean women’s cosmetic market. Experts say LANEIGE is a good choice for women older than 25.


Another one of the the top 3 Korean cosmetic brands. THE FACE SHOP is the largest cosmetic company in Korea in terms of overall sales volume.


A popular Korean cosmetic brand which focuses on the color makeup. Etude adopts the concept of “natural life” and has developed many products which are widely loved by young people. Etude also belongs to AmorePacific Corp.

6. Skin Food

Literally means food for the skin, Skin Food products was made from plants and fruits. It is very popular among people who love natural cosmetics.


A very famous Korean cosmetic brand featuring high-end skincare, color makeup and more products. MISSHA is very popular among the young fashion people.

8. O HUI

A cosmetic brand owned by LG Group. O HUI promotes the idea of natural skincare with the help of modern technology.

9. Innisfree

With its name inspired by Yeats’ poem “The lake isle of innisfree”, Innisfree is a brand which aims to produce natural, healthy and style cosmetics.

10. Mamonde

Mamonde, a main brand of AmorePacific, is a combination of two French words ma monde, meaning my world.

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