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By | November 23, 2020

South Korean fashion clothes are very popular among asian countries. Many girls in Europe and US are also seeking to buy Korean fashion clothing from online stores. The bad news is that most Korean online clothes stores do not ship worldwide and there are few Korea-based online clothes shops in English language where you can buy authentic Korean clothing. After enormous searching and reading I recommend the three following places to shop Korean fashion clothing.

1. eBay

eBay is your first choice to buy Korean fashion clothing. The clothes sold on eBay are cheap compared to other online stores. The shipping cost can also be low if the seller is in your own country.

2. Gmarket

Gmarket is the korean version of eBay. There are many small shops selling tons of cute fashion clothing and staff. Gmarket has a English version site which offers shipping to US and Europe. Here is a very useful tutorial telling you how to sign up, shop, pay and track your order on Gmarket. Another great resource for Korean fashion clothing shopping is soompi forum where you can find great tutorials and reviews for the products. Some people on Soompi can actually buy the stuff for you then give you the clothes exchange for money.

Gmarket in Korean: gmarket.co.kr

Gmarket in English: english.gmarket.co.kr

3. Cherrykoko

Cherrykoko is a large Korea clothing online shopping store which offers international shipping. Click the “English” button on the top right corner of the main page to start navigation. You can pay by Visa, Master, Diners, JCB Credit card. Cherrykoko is a real Korean clothing store but the chance you can find it through searching in English language is quite slim due to its poor search engine optimization and promotion job. I came across it through searching in Korean.

Cherrykoko in Korea (Main Page): http://www.cherrykoko.com/

Cherrykoko in English: http://www.cherrykoko.com/member/login_eng.php

Please note:

The clothing size in Korea is different from that of in US and Europe, use this Korean Clothing Conversion Chart to find your size.

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