List of Japanese Car Brands

By | February 27, 2017

From a humble beginning, Japan has been growing to be the biggest car manufacturing country in the world. Japanese cars are often credited with superior dependability, efficiency and advanced technology. Here is a major Japanese car brands list with brief introductions and their websites links. You may kindly share your ideas or reviews to these Japanese car brands in the comment area.

1. Toyota

One of the top Japanese car brands owned by Toyota Motor Corporation, the world’s largest automaker. Toyota also owns and operates Lexus and Scion brands and has a majority shareholding stake in Daihatsu and Hino Motors, and minority shareholdings in Fuji Heavy Industries, Isuzu Motors, and Yamaha Motors.


2. Honda

One of the top Japanese car brands owned by Honda Motor Company, the second-largest Japanese automobile manufacturer. Honda is the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles as well as the world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines measured by volume.


3. Nissan

One of the most popular Japanese auto brands owned by Nissan Motor Company, a Japanese multinational car manufacturer. Nissan is among the top three Asian (also known as the Japanese Big 3 Automakers) rivals of the “Big Three” in the U.S. Currently Nissan is the third largest Japanese car manufacturer.


4. Mitsubishi

A popular Japanese car brand belonging to Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, the sixth largest automaker in Japan and the seventeenth largest in the world by global vehicle production.


5. Mazda

One of the major Japanese car brands created by Mazda Motor Corporation, a Japanese automotive manufacturer based in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. It was said that the brand Mazda derives from Ahura Mazda, a god of wisdom, intelligence and harmony in West Asia.


6. Suzuki

A major Japanese car brand of Suzuki Motor Corporation, the a Japanese multinational auto manufacturer headquartered in Hamamatsu, Japan. Suzuki is the 9th largest automobile manufacturer in the world by production volume.


7. Subaru

Subaru is the automobile manufacturing division of Japanese transportation conglomerate Fuji Heavy Industries Group (FHI). Subaru is internationally known for their use of boxer engines in most of their vehicles.


8. Isuzu

One of the major Japanese car brands owned by Isuzu Motors, a Japanese car, commercial vehicle and heavy truck manufacturing company, headquartered in Tokyo. In 2005, Isuzu became the world’s largest manufacturer of medium to heavy duty trucks.


9. Hino

As a subsidiary of Toyota, Hino Motors is a Japanese auto manufacturer well known for its diesel trucks, buses, and other vehicles. Hino was based in Hino, Tokyo, Japan.


10. Daihatsu

A major Japanese car brand owned by Daihatsu Motor, a Japanese manufacturer of cars, well known for its smaller models and off-road vehicles.


11. Acura

Acura is the luxury Japanese car brand of Honda Motor Company. The Acura brand has been launched in the US, Canada, and Hong Kong since March 1986 to market Honda’s luxury and performance vehicles.


12. Lexus

A luxury Japanese car brand introduced in 1989 in the United States by Toyota Motor Corporation. Lexus has ranked as the highest-selling maker of luxury cars in the Us, and as of 2006 Lexus vehicles are sold in 68 countries and territories worldwide.


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